Join us on Wednesday, January 2, at 6:30pm, we will have a special fellowship and prayer time with Rabbi Valerii, Rabbi Viktor, and Rabbi Alexander. This will be a wonderful time for them to share their stories and answer questions about their ministries and current events in Ukraine and Crimea. The Rabbis will also be with us for Shabbat Services on January 4 – 5.

Rabbi Alexander Popazov has been Rabbi of Messianic Synagogue “Gates of Zion” in Odessa, Ukraine since 2006. In 2013, he received rabbinic ordination from the IAMCS. He has a doctorate in engineering designs and taught at the Odessa Academy of Construction and Architecture. He is married to Sarah and they have two girls – Lisa and Myrrah.

Rabbi Viktor Vilensky worked for many years as a doctor of narcology and was chief of the substance abuse department at a hospital in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1998, he moved to Yevpatoria, Crimea as the director of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics. In 2000, Rabbi Viktor started a new Messianic Jewish Congregation “Hava Nagila,” and has planted 10 other messianic Jewish congregations in Crimea and Ukraine. Rabbi Viktor is married to Nadya, and they have 3 children, Andrey, Nastia, and Aaron.

Rabbi Valerii Zhupanenko has been Rabbi of the “Jewish Messianic Religious  Congregation of Nikolaev” in Ukraine since 2014. He moved to Nikolaev from the small town of Bereznigovatoe where he led the congregation “Living Word” for more than 18 years, and has planted 4 congregations in the area. Rabbi Valerii is married to Tatyana and they have one daughter named Vika. He has a master’s degree in education.